Saturday, April 16, 2005


Recovery Gossip, Part 2

John Wigle is using his dedicated server expertise to help BuddyGopher troubleshoot with our web hosting provider. John notes below that some things just don't add up.
Date: Apr 15, 2005 11:50 PM
Subject: Hard drive problem
The problem started last night when an incorrect move command was issue causing the server to crash, the user knows he did it and that is not the issue. A restore was ordered for the server since it was going to take more time to recover it then just restore it. We requested that the old drive be placed into the server as is commonly done so that the drives information could be recovered. Up until this point the server had never had any trouble with the disk drive in the server and no warning messages were ever generated. When the server was brought back up the tech reported that the drive's circuit board had fried and the drive was not recognized by the system. What does not make sense is that the tech said he could physically see the burnt chip. I know that static electricity can fry a circuit board but it should not leave a physical mark as described in a ticket. The only other thing that comes to mind is that somehow it was exposed to some sort of high voltage. This is what does not make sense, the drive that failed should never have left the box and only a single cable switched. Would you be able to look into this issue and perhaps see if anything else can be done? I just find it hard to imagine how this happened and want to make sure that the drive was not misplaced or switched.

Unfortunately like too many servers this user did not have any backups and there was no copy of the important data. I do realize this is completely the users fault, we just want to make sure that everything has been done.

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