Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Buddy4u and BuddyGopher partnership

Buddy4u logo

We're happy to announce that Buddy4u, one of the most popular AIM profile enhancement websites on the internet, is now showing BuddyGopher personal away message history for all of their new users.

If you take a look at my Buddy4u profile, you'll see a link at the bottom of the page that says

[View nickgraywfu's BuddyGopher Page]

BuddyGopher personal away message history is turned on by default for all new Buddy4u user accounts, and users can easily enable or disable it at any time. BuddyGopher personal away message history is also available to be turned on or off for Buddy4u's 535,000+ existing members.

Buddy4u and BuddyGopher are third-party web-based services that enhance the sharing power of AOL Instant Messenger. We're really excited about this new partnership with Owen and the entire Buddy4u community.

Thanks Nick! We're really excited to be working with BuddyGopher. Buddy4u and BuddyGopher are a great pair--you can tell because both our names start with "Buddy". :-) You guys have done a bang-up job and I'm looking forward to many years of providing a great service with BuddyGopher and all the cool new ideas coming from you guys.

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