Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Buddy Info page - BETA from AOL

AOL has released their Buddy Info page

The Buddy Info page is very similar to BuddyGopher - it shows you all of your friends away messages in one window. But AOL takes it a few steps further, and allows you to comment on your friends away messages -- as well as their profiles!

So, to recap- the AIM Buddy Info page allows you to see all of your friends current away messages, profiles and Buddy Icons on one screen. You can also add comments to someone's away message, or add a comment to their profile (like, "Nice lyrics - did you write those yourself?").

Kudos to the AIM team for finally embracing the decade-old habit of reading away messages!

but you cant read past away messages like buddy gopher. :-/
dont like it... its not the same! Yeah you can leave comments, but as soon as the person comes back from away- the comment goes away. You might as well just leave a message! Also, you cant read past away messages. I like buddy gopher way better. Please bring it back.
agree...bring it back!!!!!
and you can't read the away messages of people you've blocked or people who have blocked you. sure, it's stalkerish, but just because i don't want to talk to people doesn't mean i don't want to know what they are doing!
the whole point of the buddy gopher was to view people's old away messages!
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